10 Easy Tips To Reduce Plastic Waste Every Day

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See our simple guide below to help you reduce your daily plastic waste.

You can make a real difference to our environment and be part of the solution to reduce the 8 million metric tons of waste plastic dumped in our environment every year.

1 - Carry a Reusable Water Bottle.

In the UK alone a staggering 35 million plastic bottles are used every day!  Carrying a reusable bottle is a fantastic way to cut your plastic waste as well as save money.

You can also get a free app by that shows you locations that you can obtain free refills while you are on the go!

2 - Use a Tote Shopping Bag

A massive 85% reduction in plastic bag waste happened following the introduction of the shopping charge at UK supermarket checkouts.

We are now used to this change, but many of us still forget them – if you find it hard to remember, try a foldaway tote bag that you can carry in your normal day bag.

3 - Avoid Excessive Packaging

When shopping for fruit and vegetables avoid picking them up in pre-sealed plastic packs or using cellophane bags.
It often works out much cheaper to pick loose fruit and vegetables locally, rather than pre-packaged supermarket alternatives.  You could even go one step further and grow your own!

4 - Use Reusable Straws

On average people use 1.6 straws per day and this is bad news for our oceans.

The plastic straw has been around for nearly sixty years, replacing paper straws as the number one choice during the 1960s.  In the UK its estimated that we use 8.5 billion of them every year with the USA using over 500 million plastic straws every single day.


At Turtle Savers, we are offering an alternative pack of metal reusable straws that can be used many times over.  Buy Now

5 - Take a Reusable Coffee Cup

An unbelievable 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away every year just in the United Kingdom.  With less than 1 in 400 of them recycled.

Carry a reusable cup with you or leave at the office or workplace.  Many cafes now offer a small discount for using your own cup which can save you money while protecting the environment.

6 - Give Up Chewing Gum

The United Kingdom has the second biggest consumption of chewing gum in the world.  We chomp through an estimated 130 pieces per person every year.  The gum is actually made from plastic and can be swapped for plastic free alternatives including Glee and Chewsy or you could just simply kick the habit forever.

7 - Stop Using Disposable Cutlery

A large conservation study by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), found that average of 138 pieces of cutlery-related waste on every 100 metres of British beaches.

You could ask the places you shop to provide wooden alternatives instead of relying on plastic disposable cutlery.

But, being prepared is the best solution.  Leave cutlery at work so you don't have to pick up disposable cutlery or carry it with you when you know you will be eating out and about.

8 - Consider Using The Milk Man

History often repeats itself and with the advent of the huge plastic waste problem lapping at our shores.  The humble milkman delivering daily fresh milk may be a fantastic option to reduce those large plastic containers from the supermarkets.

9 - Avoid Cling Film

Ditch cling film altogether.  Switch to reusable containers to store opened food, sandwiches and leftover foods.

Other alternatives including beeswax food wraps, foil and traditional jars and bowls with food over wraps.


10 - Recycle

Plastic is a very useful material and used for many different products.  If you do have any plastic waste, don't just casually discard in the bin.  Please make every effort to recycle it and place in the appropriate bins.

Many local tips now provide areas to separate waste to then reuse in future applications.

Thanks for reading this, we hope you can apply a few of these handy tips to reduce your own plastic waste were you can.

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  • Jay

    I couldn’t agree more, it’s very frustrating when making every effort to reduce and avoid plastic that its extremely difficult.

    A friend told me that Morrisons now let you take items in with you to pick loose fruit and veg

  • Anni Holden Calver

    Has anyone noticed it is getting harder to find loose fruit and veg in British supermarkets- it is nearly all pre-packed. I pick loose when I can and always decline the kind offer of the checkout assistant to put them in a bag for me! But it is less and less loose and more and more prepacked. Very irritating as can also lead to waste because there is sometimes more than you actually want or need.

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