The Benefits Of Metal Straws

Growing concerns over climate change and the effects of harmful plastic have led to us all considering more about the choices we make and switching to healthier environmentally friendly alternatives.


Plastic Straws are Harmful

They contain BisphenolA (BPA) which is a harmful chemical found in plastics and according to a recent study by the ISFoundation can lead to all kinds of problems such as reproductive disorders, diabetes and heart disease.


Alternative Reusable Straws

Glass Straws

Glass straws may add some elegance to the dining table but unfortunately they are not safe for the kids to use nor are they travel friendly.

Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws are sure to take your Hawaiian themed party to the next level but that’s about it I’m afraid. They are renowned for tainting the drink with the green wood they are made from, worse still it has a tendency to linger. 

Paper Straws

The great pretenders! They look and act like plastic straws, this means the message of sustainability is not being conveyed.

Metal Straws

They are durable and ready for just about any occasion, let’s have a look at some of the benefits to Stainless Steel Straws.


The Benefits of Metal Straws

Environmentally Friendly

Make the switch to environmentally friendly stainless steel straws, tell your friends, teach your kids and young people in your life the importance of protecting the environment. This will encourage everyone to reduce the use of plastic products and recycle too.

Reusable Straws

Look after your stainless still straws, clean them regularly and they will last an awfully long time. Unlike plastic, stainless steel straws will not interact with and leak chemicals into the drink you are consuming.

Easy Clean

Nobody likes washing up! We like to make saving the planet fun so all our stainless steel straws are dishwasher proof. If that isn’t enough all our packs are supplied with a cleaning brush to keep your straws spick and span.

Safe To Use

Unlike the plastic counterpart stainless steel straws are perfectly safe to use and BPA free.

Great For Travel

Don’t just take the weather with you, I’m sure that was a song, take your straws too. Stainless steel straws are strong, lightweight and can be carried with you wherever you go without fear of breakage.

Safe For Kids

In terms of durability, no straw comes close, stainless steel is not fragile and can easily be used safely by children. If like us you have the young ones who like to throw things around the table during meal time then invest in stainless steel and never worry about breakage again.

Super Strong

Check this out, our straws are strong enough for you to enjoy fruit juice straight from the fruit! You heard us right, push your straw straight into the fruit and enjoy.

More Enjoyable

What’s better than a good drink? A great drink! Enjoy a great drink with stainless steel, the straws will retain the temperature of your drink and prevent it from melting down.

The Centre Of Attention

Whenever you have guests over your straws will take centre stage, serve up your favourite refreshments finished with a straw and watch the conversation flow. Feel good you are educating your loved ones and hopefully inspiring them to protect the environment too.

Great Gift

The straws can be used to enjoy every kind of delicious drink from smoothies and milkshakes to fruit juices and iced teas, not forgetting the cocktails, the straws are for every occasion.

Invest in stainless steel straws, not only are they environmentally friendly but they will last longer than any of the other straws and stop the production of more plastic.


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