The War On Plastic!

Celebrity Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani investigate the amount of plastic we consume and the current state of plastic pollution in this explosive new BBC documentary.

What they expose in this three part series is quite staggering, it kicks off in episode one where they discover a 20ft mountain of plastic packaging shipped from Britain destined to be recycled but dumped in Malaysia.


When and Where You Can Watch The War On Plastic

The War On Plastic will be shown on BBC 1 every Monday for 3 weeks starting on June 10th.

  • Episode 1 – Monday – 10th June – BBC1
  • Episode 2 – Monday – 17th June – BBC1
  • Episode 3 – Monday – 24th June – BBC1
What Can I Expect From The War On Plastic?

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Hugh and Anita discover the damage caused by plastic pollution first hand and bring us the hard hitting facts from what is now a crisis causing the planet serious harm.

In his own words, Hugh tells the watching audience …..

“It’s like some dystopian nightmare. A plastic planet.

“When we put this in our recycling back in the UK, we think we’re doing the right thing.

"I do my recycling and I feel good about it. At least I used to - I don’t feel so good now.

"I feel embarrassed, I feel ashamed, I feel angry, I feel I’ve been lied to.”


What Sort Of Plastic Is Causing The Problem?

The simple answer is mostly everyday household plastics, commonly known as single use plastics, used once and then thrown away. Carrier bags, packaging, bottles and straws these are the main culprits.

Worryingly Hugh found many high street brands in the mountain of plastic, the fingerprints pointed to British supermarkets too, he found countless plastic bags and packaging from Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury's and Asda.

He finds bags from Braintree, Essex, Rhondda Cynon Taf in South Wales and Milton Keynes.

Recycling bags are found from the London councils of Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, as well as Castle Point Council in Essex.


How Does Plastic Pollution Happen?

The material was to become an ‘end-of-waste product’ which means it’s processed to produce a pellet or flake, and reused as a recyclable material.

Last year 65,000 tons of plastic waste were exported by the UK. Until 2018 China was the biggest recipient but their government placed a ban on the trade and now Malaysia takes our plastic, and last year it was thought to have taken up to 130,000 tons.

Eight million metric tonnes of single-use plastics clog up the world’s oceans each year, according to US environmental charity NRDC. Even though most single-use plastics are sent to landfill, 80 per cent of them end up in our oceans via storms, drains and sewers, the organisation adds.

Out of sight, out of mind is not the solution to the problem!

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  • Elizabeth

    I was incensed having watched this program. You think you are doing your bit recycling ect but it makes a laughing stock of our country. YET AGAIN….

  • Phil & Lynne Ashcroft

    We’ll be watching and we’ve retweeted your message. Why is it so hard to go back to when we had paper bags, glass pop bottles that had deposits, etc.?

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